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Prolong the Life of Your Assets

Rust treatment for moderate levels of rust damage, Fiberglass patch for heavy rust damage and more...

Save Money

Thermacoat is unique as it has the ability to offer year round energy savings due to its high insulation properties.

Thermatech Canada

Thermatech Canada is born from the experience of its founders who have combined their skills to put them at the service of a new way of thinking about the world to come: eco-friendly, powered by renewable sources, built with "green" materials.

In building these modern aspects weigh much more than before, thanks to an international policy is designed to limit the consumption of fossil fuels, to promote renewable energy sources and to implement a tangible energy savings. The sensitivity and innovative strength of the Thermatech Canada have meant that the orientation was towards the field of nanotechnologies applied to buildings, both private homes and industries and shops. Our research in this perspective has led us to select the products in the Thermatech , the first to use them in our projects, then to assume the exclusive distribution in Italy and as a referee in several nations.

The Thermatech Canada has professional experience gained in various sectors and is distinguished by its know-how in a modern market perspective, eco-friendly and dynamic. The team consists of highly qualified people who have as main objective the customer satisfaction through the delivery of high quality products and services. Our mission is to become the benchmark of the market through continuous improvement of the environment, increased well-being and cost optimization, providing our customers the best ratio of price and quality.

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