Because Thermo-Shield / Thermatech coatings are superior to all other materials on the world market? What's so different about them compared to paints and other coatings? These are the questions that are often asked and here we try to explain. In the early '80s and for about 7 years, GENERAL INDUSTRIES CORP. Colorado Springs, Colorado, has pioneered and developed a project for the buildings lining "Perfect" , a product designed with the aim to "solve all the problems of coverage" . General Industries was not the only one to follow its development: the ROHM and HAAS , supplier of specialty resins, has worked closely with SPM THERMO-SHIELD ® Inc. for the development of the project THERMO-SHIELD ® / ® THERMATECH .

The 3M has partnered with General Industries Corp. to produce the ideal ceramic particles to make efficient the insulation of buildings, silos and pipes, protecting them from the best heat produced by solar radiation. The ceramics were part of a spin-off project derived from the Space Shuttle technology. The micro-spheres of ceramic quarries have a huge reflection and dissipation capacity (emittance) of the solar heat by acting as an excellent insulating material.

The use of ceramics used for building insulation differs from the demands of a space shuttle. In buildings we concentrate on the heat transmitted from the solar radiation and, with regard to the space shuttle, the main problem is mainly the frictional heat. The ceramic tiles used for the Space Shuttle insulation turn out to be impractical for use as a coating of entire buildings, therefore Thermo-Shield / Thermatech has developed a new technology incorporating hollow ceramic bubbles in an elastomeric coating is easy to apply, obtaining similar results and realizing an excellent insulator coating.

Much of the space shuttle technology was developed in the area of Colorado Springs. Some strong engineers of experience have contributed to the development of new applications resulting from space technology, making possible the creation of new materials suitable for use in buildings and industry by improving energy efficiency.

Thermo-Shield / Thermatech is different from conventional products because all its ingredients are of synthetic nature unlike most other coatings on the market that use organic materials easily subject to wear due to physical phenomena such as thermal shock (hot or extreme cold), ultraviolet light, deterioration due to ozone, rain, wind, snow, hail, abrasion of the sand etc. with consequent decay and decomposition phenomena.

The ingredients of Thermo-Shield / Thermatech are the only ones able to overcome these problems. The basic components are three: the resins which represent the "glue", the fillers which represent the "body", and pigments that represent the "color."

The resins used are synthetic elastomeric acrylics which add the following advantages:

  1. Conservation of the elastic properties of the product can remain intact and preserve the coating from cracks and crevices. Conservation of the elastic properties even in the presence of very low temperatures (lab tests show that the Thermo-Shield / Thermatech coatings do not exhibit cracks even at -37 ° C).
  2. High hiding power over the entire area covered by the application and creation of a transparent membrane, waterproof and breathable. Applied in the recommended thicknesses, the Thermo-Shield / Thermatech Roof coating withstands the prolonged stagnation of water, properties not found in other elastomeric coatings.
  3. High capacity for resistance to natural degradation processes. Accelerated aging tests performed in the laboratory show that in fact, even after long exposure, the Thermo-Shield / Thermatech coating becomes more resistant retaining its elasticity (other coatings subjected to these tests deteriorate).
  4. Thermo-Shield / Thermatech is a coating with a high degree of elasticity. Tests carried out show that in fact, if subjected to violent hailstorms, we highlight the dents that the coating will return immediately to its original shape allowing to protect the substrates on which it is applied from damage.
  5. The resins, consist of very complex polymers, have the prerogative of withstanding large amounts of solid particles, preserving a great capacity for adhesion. (Normal resins lose much of their ability all'aggregarsi adhesion of solid particles) add that Thermo-Shield / Thermatech is a coating containing micro-hollow ceramic spheres in high concentration, held in suspension by polymers. Some of our competitors claim to have similar performance, but the use of ceramic beads do not cave in place of the micro-ceramic hollow spheres, and we use our own patent, they do not have the properties disposed in suspension within of the polymer and, forming a solid compact layer, do not allow to obtain the excellent insulation results achieved with the use of micro-hollow spheres.
  6. The resins give the Thermo-Shield coating / Thermatech protection from UV rays, while maintaining a high degree of elasticity and ensuring a long life to the product.
  7. The Thermo-Shield / Thermatech Roof coating has very special properties such as to render the unique roofing and efficient through the property of "Variable Permeability" . Such property allows to polymers, in wet conditions, making the swell completely watertight coating. In dry conditions the ceramic micro-hollow spheres shrink, releasing the trapped moisture and contained inside them, allowing the breathability of the coating. This characteristic of the material is of great importance because unlike other products on the market, which also have remarkable waterproofing properties, lack of breathability properties. This condition causes the rising damp from the substrate remains trapped inside the waterproof covering. All'innalzarsi the surface temperature, the trapped moisture turns to steam which expands due to the induced voltages that alter the adhesion of the coating causing the rupture and the formation of cracks and fissures in the coating.

Fillers: most commercially coatings use cheap fillers to contain the cost of their product. Such fillers, content cost, are bio-based as developed in nature and for this reason easily perishable and attackable by microorganisms and natural phenomena (snow, wind, water, etc.). ThermoShield / Thermatech thanks to its characteristics and the properties of the ceramic micro-spheres contained therein, very similar to ceramics used by coating designed for the Space Shuttle, make the treated surfaces and tamper-resistant for a long time.

The micro-hollow ceramic spheres make up approximately 50% of the volume of Thermo-Shield / Thermatech. They enable the Thermo-Shield / TermaTech coatings to reflect about 85% of the solar light and dissipate (emittance) approximately 94% of the infrared radiation or heat produced from the spectrum of the light, preventing the transfer of heat to the treated surfaces.

The ceramic is one of the best non-heat conductive materials. The micro-ceramic hollow spheres devoid of air inside them make Thermo-Shield / Thermatech one of the best insulators on the market, guaranteeing exceptional performance even by conduction heat transfer.

With the ceramic it is necessary to add a new term to the vocabulary of isolation: "dissipation" . Other types of insulation are able to slow down the transfer of heat; ceramics, however, is able to "dissipate" (emittance) transferring the heat back into the atmosphere and not allowing heat to penetrate into the building, building or structure, preventing the same from becoming a problem or, in the case of Thermo- Shield / Thermatech, to imprison and keep the heat inside the building. Test on the material show that a cube of ceramic material can be heated to over 1100 ° C and be safely taken with bare hands even after only a few seconds, even when the core of the cube is glowing. The micro-hollow ceramic spheres of Thermo-Shield / Thermatech allow for rapid heat dissipation with minimum thicknesses in the order of tenths of a millimeter.

The coatings Thermo-Shield / Thermatech, benefiting from the properties of the ceramic micro-hollow spheres contained therein, make the product suitable to prevent the accumulation of dirt allowing easy washing simply with a garden hose.

The micro-spheres are hollow ceramic fire-resistant and able to dissipate large amounts of heat, as a result, Thermo-Shield / Thermatech, is a coating with a good resistance to fire. In the trial tests the certifying entity flame Japanese, the Thermo-Shield / Thermatech coating has shown Zero retention flame. The pigments of Thermo-Shield / Thermatech coatings are produced using titanium dioxide and Aluminum Trihydrate, very stable substances and particularly resistant to natural degradation, the use of white pigments adds high reflectivity to the product by improving the durability and the resistance to fire of coating. Thermo-Shield / Thermatech is certified Class A fire resistance. E 'an economically competitive material and the use of the pigments makes the product chalky and flame retardant.

In short, the formula of Thermo-Shield / Thermatech has no weaknesses. The combined ingredients used and its composition, make coatings Thermo-Shield / Thermatech environmentally safe. The composition of water-based and free of toxic materials makes coatings Thermo-Shield / Thermatech non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Laboratory tests show that there are no harmful effects in their application.

Fade Resistant - Japanese tests have shown that Thermo-Shield / Thermatech suffered the lowest discoloration index than any other paint tested for the Japanese market.

Long-lasting - the application of Thermo-Shield / Thermatech coatings show that after more than 15 years after their application, are in excellent condition without showing no sign of abating, hardening or peeling. The treated roofs are still to be watertight even when exposed for a long time in stagnant water. In addition, even when they are highlighted problems, usually due to defects in the application, it was possible to proceed rapidly and economically for rehabilitation and repair where required.

The Thermo-Shield / Thermatech coatings prove to be very resistant to chemicals. The Calcoast tests show that the treated products were also unaffected in the presence of aggressive chemicals such as battery acid, salt, bleach, mineral oils, salt etc.

All these reasons make Thermo-Shield / Thermatech a coating with exceptional performance, practical, economical and unique features from other similar products currently available on the international market.


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